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So you want to apply?

Here at Fixx Events, we have many events that we need stalls for, from community events, Council events to Music Festivals as well.

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Please fill in the online application form on the apply here page and insert the name of the event you are applying for! We will let you know as soon as possible whether you have been approved. Never pay rent until you have received confirmation of acceptance!


All Applications below open for 2017


  Neon Garage Kincumber - Pop Up Event Space

  Bookings now being taken for pop up events, art showings, private intimate 

  gatherings and small music shows.

  Inspection by appointment only at hellneongarage@gmail.com.au

  All music related enquires to Brad at info@fixxevents.com.au

  Further information at www.neongarage.com.au






  GOATS  ( Going off at the Swamp Festival ) 2017

  Sunday 2nd April San Remo 10am-4pm

  8000+ attend this 15 year event.

  $90 for 3x3 market stall ( no food needed )

 Apply here at www.fixxevents.com.au or info@fixxevents.com.au









  The Health Connection 2017

  Saturday 17th June Brentwood Village Kincumber

  3000+ attend this 4 year event.

  Applications here at www.fixxevents.com.au or info@fixxevents.com.au 

  and stall emphasis on healthy products and services for the day.